Slap Dash is a monthly series that brings together different art forms for a semi-cohesive mixed-media extravaganza. If you make art, and you want to show it off, contact us.

Slap Dash takes place on the fourth Saturday of each month @ LaunchPad, a community art space in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. All events are FREE to the public and all ages.


721 Franklin Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Franklin Ave Shuttle (S) to Park Pl.
2/3/4/5 to Franklin Ave.
C to Franklin Ave.

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Friday, August 24th - Letter Rip! @ 8pm

:: VIDEO Andrea Dorfman
:::: VIDEO Tom Cryan
:::::: READING Cori Carl
:::::::: VIDEO Penny Lane
:::::::::: VIDEO Blair Bogin
:::::::::::: MUSIC Colin Summers
:::::::::::::: INTERACTIVE Marie DeAeth
:::::::::::::::: PRESENTATION CM Duffy

This month Slap Dash takes an arty look at mail and correspondence. We've gathered a stellar group of artists who will explore the many different aspects of letter writing, classified ads, e-mail and more.

**** Refreshments *****
Honest Pete will be providing free home-brewed beer
Eat and Compete (http://www.EatandCompete.com) will be selling a variety of their Natural Specialty Food Products. A portion of the proceeds will go to Slap Dash.

Saturday, July 21st - You Art What You Eat @ 8pm

:: VIDEO Jeff Stark
:::: READING Autumn Giles
:::::: VIDEO Janelle Abbott
:::::::: BEEKEEPING Kellen Henry
:::::::::: PERFORMANCE Keith Haskel
:::::::::::: ANIMATION Philippe Blanchard
:::::::::::::: FOOD Niina Pollari + Niki Basarich

This month we've recruited a ton of artists who will combine food and art for a night of mouth/brain-watering awesomeness. We're banking on the golden rule of cooking (the combination of any two delicious ingredients always results in something that's even more delicious) that this will be a wildly successful mix. Think about it...chocolate + peanut butter, garlic + meat, tuna fish + orange juice, food + art.

On top of that, we'll be debuting a brand new art show featuring food-themed paintings, photographs, illustrations and more. So, get that chin ready for rubbing.

Plus, home brewed beer by Honest Pete

Saturday, June 16th - Installation and Demonstration @ 9pm

:: Blair Neal -- Crayola light show hack
:::: Betty Kao -- "Body of Water" (see below)
:::::: Emma Schaer -- Interactive puppet sculpture
:::::::: Julianna Schley -- "The Crying Panel"
:::::::::: Kyle McDonald -- Self portrait machine
:::::::::::: Kaitlin Archambault -- Group art project
:::::::::::::: Kate Clifford -- Knit/crochet sculpture

Join us for a night of art that wants to be touched, talked to, drawn on and played with! Plus, home brewed beer by Honest Pete.

Saturday, May 26th - Old Timey Slap Dash @ 8pm

:: CARTOONS Tom Stathes
:::: FILM Movie Mike
:::::: MUSIC Honest Pete
:::::::: POETRY Lauren Raheja
:::::::::: VINTAGE CLOTHING Rosebud Vintage
:::::::::::: DIARY Ellen LaVeyra presents excerpts from her Great-Grandmother's 1920s diary

This month Slap Dash is going old school. And when we say old school, we mean REALLY OLD school! So, get psyched for a night of Old Timey music, cartoons, films, writing, clothing and whatever else we can find. Audience members are strongly encouraged to dress-up for the occasion, so start working on that costume.

Saturday, April 28th - Audio/Visual @ 8pm

:: Silent Drape Runners and Blair Neal
:::: Patrick Higgins: Bachanalia. and Jan Svankmajer
:::::: Alec Betterly live score for Pee Wee's Playhouse
:::::::: Dave Melton performs to paintings by Pablo Picasso

This might be the closest that Slap Dash ever comes to putting on a concert, but it's still gonna be arty as all-get-out! Rather than just playing music, while videos play in the background, each group will present a piece that was specifically developed for the videos that they've selected - to create a true audio/visual experience.

We'll also be debuting a new art show featuring pieces insipired by songs. Featuring paintings, drawings, photos and digital art by CM Duffy, Ellen LaVeyra, Tom Pitilli, Greg Hedderman, Jess Ruliffson, Mike Freiheit and more!

Free home brewed beer by Honest Pete.

Saturday, March 24th - Everyone is out to get me...EVERYTHING'S FINE! @ 8pm

:: VIDEO Rich Pell presents "Don't Call Me Crazy on the 4th of July"
:::: SOUND Richard Kamerman
:::::: STORYTELLING Tom Cryan: World's Greatest Storyteller
:::::::: PRESENTATION Amanda Farah
:::::::::: POETRY Jordan Scott
:::::::::::: DANCE Janelle Abbott

Are you convinced that the government is spying on you? Do you think everyone hates you? Are you creeped out by how much Facebook knows about you? If so, come out this Saturday to feel vindicated about your justified paranoia as Slap Dash presents works by paranoid filmmakers, sound artists, storytellers, photographers and poets. If not, come out this Saturday and inject a healthy dose of paranoia into your life.

Home brewed beer by Honest Pete. This month's selection: Lumberjack's Breakfast (Smokebeer) and Campfire Ale (S'mores Stout).

Saturday, February 25th - Slap Dash Sex Ed @ 8pm

:: FILM Dara Van Dusen
:::: READING Rohin Guha
:::::: VIDEO Julianna Schley
:::::::: READING Jason Helm
:::::::::: VIDEO Karen Adelman
:::::::::::: VIDEO GAME Byron Hulcher
:::::::::::::: ART SHOW Art on the walls by Ray Sell, Seth Mulvey, Alex Hemming, Mike Freiheit, Jess Ruliffson, Greg Hedderman, Thomas Pitilli, Marguerite Dabaie, and CM Duffy

Did you meet the love of your life this Valentine's day? Do you want to take your relationship to the next level, but not quite sure how? Then, join us for "Slap Dash Sex Ed" where readers, film makers, video artists, and programmers will come together to show you how to make love. We'll also be debuting a new art exhibit of sexual metaphors and innuendo.

Home-brewed beer by Honest Pete. This month's selection: Romantic Rose Beer!

Saturday, January 28th - Parents Just Don't Understand @ 8pm

:: MUSIC Apple Jackzzzzz
:::: VIDEO Sadie Benning (Courtesy of the Video Data Bank)
:::::: READINGS Niina Pollari, Carter Edwards
:::::::: VIDEO Katie Madonna Lee presents Flabulous
:::::::::: MISC Childhood art by Eve Bates, Andrew Eckel and more!

Put aside your grown-up responsibilities and aspirations, and get down with your inner child for a night of art that celebrates childhood. We're screening a collection of Sadie Benning's teenage videos shot on a Fisher Price Pixelvision camera. Then, get your dance on with the (in)famous hip-hop/syth-pop stylings Apple Jackzzzzz. And so much more fun!!!

Home brewed beer provided by Honest Pete's Fine Ales & Dependable Lagers! This month: Graham Cracker Beer!

Friday, December 16th - Where Do You Come Up With This Stuff? @ 7pm

:: MUSIC Colin Summers performs the music of Stephen A. Jefferey
:::: NEW MEDIA Kyle McDonald
:::::: PHOTOGRAPHY Eric Medsker
:::::::: PHOTOGRAPHY Don Razniewski
:::::::::: COMICS Art openning featuring works by Greg Hedderman, Marguerite Dabaie, Alex Hemming, Mike Freiheit, Thomas Pitilli, and C.M. Duffy

An awesomely eclectic night featuring artists who tell the strange/exciting/illegal/hilarious stories behind their art. This will also be the opening night for a new exhibition of photographs and comics at Launchpad. Get ready to rub your chin and get your art on!

Home brewed beer provided by Honest Pete's Fine Ales & Dependable Lagers! This month: Port Starboard (a spiced old ale sure to raise your Christmas spirits) and Campfire Ale (a porter reminiscent of smores and fireside comfort).

Friday, November 18th - Were You Trying to Read My Diary? @ 8pm

:: DOCUMENTARY Penny Lane's "The Abortion Diaries"
:::: COMEDY Stephanie Fagan (from The Moon)
:::::: AUDIO/VIDEO Tom Cryan
::::::::: MISC Journal Open Mic (bring your journal/diary)

Slap Dash presents an intimate night of journal/diary sharing, where everyone is invited to share their personal writings/sketches/whatever. Afterwards...

Tom Cryan presents excerpts from his daily audio/video recordings. Comedian, Stephanie Fagan, reads excerpts from her diary at age 7 (addressed to Abe Lincoln), and age 17. Penny Lane presents her documentary, The Abortion Diaries, featuring 12 women who speak candidly about their experiences with abortion.

Saturday, October 22nd - Dark Tunes/Toons @ 8pm

:: MUSIC ANIMAL (Reunion show!)
:::: ANIMATION Joseph Bennett
:::::: MUSIC Nice Fellas (mem mindtroll and Toys and Tiny Instruments)
:::::::: ANIMATION Chadwick Whitehead
::::::::::: MUSIC Cave Cricket

Join us for the first installment of "Slap Dash," featuring dark music and twisted cartoons.

Cave Cricket plays droney folk music on Shruti Box, Ukelele and Cello that may leave you as unsettled as an actual Rhaphidophoridae sighting. Animator Joseph Bennett presents his series "Odin's Afterbirth" featuring barbaric warriors in a distopian land. Nice Fellas play loud experimental rock that your parents and grandparents will hate. Chadwick Whitehead creates short animations in which all sorts of things come to life, including a pissed off tube of toothpaste. ANIMAL reunites for one night of beastily guitar riffs, and Muppet-Show-esque drumming.

Home brewed beer provided by Honest Pete's Fine Ales & Dependable Lagers! This month: Ol' Gaffer's Brew (Sweet Potato Brown Ale) and Cowboy Coffee Porter.